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A few of our testimonials

Our dog, Hana, is our baby. Michelle gives us the peace of mind that Hana is given as much love and care from her as she gets from us. Hana truely loves her and that says everything!

~Bill and Lisa Butler

I have 2 lovely cocker spaniels, Max and Sam. Both dogs are still puppies and I really wanted someone to come and walk them during the day while I was at work. As they are like my children, I was extremely hesitant to trust them with anyone. The minute I met Michelle, I knew she would be the perfect person to watch over Max and Sam. She is very loving and protective with regards to their care. The fact that Michelle was a veterinary nurse, also eases my mind every day. I know that their health will come first. Michelle has been walking and playing with Max and Sam for almost a year now. They are very loyal to her and love her very much. I would highly recommend Michelle's services; she has become almost like part of our family.

~ The Cox Family

Michelle is truly a perfect nanny. She really cares for Jack and Jill and spends time with them. She has a daily journal telling me in detail how their day was good or otherwise. Knowing she worked as a Vet Nurse is a plus if anything happened to Jack or Jill, she will know what to do. I recently took a 10-day vacation without any qualms because I knew The Purrfect Pet Nanny would be there to make sure everything would be o.k. and they were. Very professional and highly recommended.

~ C. Barone