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Our Services

Get acquainted consultation

This is where we all get to meet and get acquainted! We will complete the necessary paperwork together, discuss the detailed care for your furry loved ones, and transfer keys. Two sets of keys must be provided. It is requested that this meeting be scheduled at least three days in advance prior to service. Please allow 45 minutes.

There is never a fee for the consultation and we never have a “set-up” fee or club to join for services.

Staying home is the next best thing than going on vacation. Not only will your furry loved ones thank you for the peace and quiet, but also it is an added security while you are not home. If your loved ones like to be brushed, each will be brushed while you are away at no extra charge! Not only will your furry loved ones look pretty when you come home but the sitter will have a special bond with their new furry friend!

Your loved ones happiness is our business. Every animal is given lots of love and care, treated like family. Ask our references, they will tell you that their loved ones were spoiled while they were gone!

Dog visits

Vacation – Mid-day – Occasional

45 minute walks

  • Playtime, walks, fresh water, brushing and feeding included.
  • Recommended for vacation sits and puppy training to provide the companionship and nurturing your loved ones deserve!

30 minute walks

  • Limited playtime, walk, fresh water and feeding included.

Vacation sits

Includes indoor plant watering, garbage pickup/takeout, mail pick-up, newspaper and package retrieval. Lights will be turned on and rotated throughout the house for a “lived-in” look. These services are included at no extra charge.

You may mix the 45 minute and 30 minute walks during extended vacation sits.

Additional time may be added for a nominal fee.

Mid-day walks

Use either the 30 minute potty break or 45 minute session for a fun mid-day visit for your furry baby. Great for weight management, geriatric friends, and a fun break for those who have parents with long workdays.

Mid-day walks - puppy

This is a great service to assist with potty training for young ones. In addition to a potty break, your pup will start learning how to walk on a leash and learn basic commands. Professional training is recommended and is a great bonding experience for you and your new furry friend. We will review the commands learned and reinforce these commands during the visit. The 45 minute session is recommended.

Cat visits

Each visit will range between 20-30 minutes.

Fresh water, feeding, brushing and playtime included. Scooping daily.

Other Services

Additional Walk/Play time

Additional time for multiple pet households or longer walks/playtime in 15 minute increments.

Extended time

Necessary for multiple pets such as rabbit, hamsters, gerbils and other furry loved ones that require additional time in excess of a normal visit. Special food preparation. 20 minute increments.

Pet store pick up service

An exclusive for our mid-day and vacation clients! When your loved ones are low on food, need a new toy, hungry for treats, need medication, etc. we will pick them up for you! For a small fee, these items ordered will be dropped off on a regular day visit. Please ask for a sign up sheet!

  • Tom’s Pet Outlet
  • Trappe Feed & Pet Supply
  • Petco
  • Local veterinary hospitals
  • Other